Over 50 Years Experience in the Financial Industry
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HLV International Consultants

HLV International Consultants, LLC was formed in 1999 to assist borrowers in their need to obtain Domestic or International Commercial Financing.  The name, HLV, is derived from my name Henry, my wife’s name Vivian and our family name Lewandowski.  Together we have successfully built a company that has serviced and satisfied many customers over the years.

My experience for the past 50 years includes my career in the financial community in several different positions. I was an International Banker for a large commercial bank in New York City, an Operations Manager, an Auditor and Trader, an International Inter-Dealer Broker, and a Mortgage Broker licensed by the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). From 2003 – 2009, I managed my own branch of a mortgage bank, licensed by the New York State Banking Department.  

HLV’s commercial and multi-family finance group is responsible for a wide range of real estate financing activities and is uniquely positioned to handle an extensive array of real estate related transactions to serve the diverse needs of our clients. As a commercial mortgage consultant, HLV has encountered and effectively resolved a myriad of related issues from the commonplace to the innovative using our vast knowledge of this arena to finalize transactions to the full satisfaction of our clients.