Over 50 Years Experience in the Financial Industry
Doing Business With 
HLV International Consultants


HLV International Consultants, LLC (“HLV”) was established 20 +

years ago with a focus on handling Domestic and International

Commercial Loans. HLV is adept at structuring multi-phase financing,

with single or multiple lenders. When desired, we can arrange equity

for qualified transactions or arrange a joint venture to enhance the

success of a project.

Buyers and Sellers of Loans/Mortgage Assets as well as Borrowers

and Lenders benefit from HLV's experience, product knowledge and

responsible approach of seeking to understand both the short and long

term financial and capital needs, for our clients, and understanding

their place in the financial market. It is only when we fully understand

our client’s needs that we then recommend a structure for the

proposed transaction and a possible counterparty to facilitate an

expeditious solution.

Our clients also gain the advantage of our access to a wide direct

access to Banks, Investment Banks, REITs, Hedge funds, Fund

Managers and Investors, as well as our direct affiliation with a superb

network of lenders.

Since its Inception, “HLV” has been building its reputation one

transaction at a time, by lavishing the same attention to detail on both

large and small client needs. “MY Word is MY Bond”!