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HLV International Consultants

HLV International Consultants, LLC (HLV) provides a full service to its clients. Starting with the continuing need to Deleverage, HLV introduces Buyers and Sellers to each other in the Whole Loan Market Space. These Loans, whether Pools of either Performing; Non-Performing, Individual Notes or Investor Owned Assets bring about a high interest. Additionally this Market Space provides Investors who are interested in the multi-family and commercial real estate sector with opportunity. As a full service commercial mortgage consultant we are able to work with our clients in order to provide them with a competitive market place for Loan Sales and for commercial mortgage products and rates.  


HLV focus's on our client's needs in the mortgage market place, whether Loan Sales, Restructuring or Originations, including underwriting and processing of loan products for apartments, senior housing, retail centers, office, industrial buildings, and hotels. HLV’s commercial and multi-family finance group is responsible for a wide range of real estate financing activities and is uniquely positioned to handle an extensive array of real estate related transactions to serve the diverse needs of our clients. As a full service commercial mortgage consultant, HLV has encountered and effectively resolved a myriad of related issues from the commonplace to the innovative; finalizing transactions to the full satisfaction of our clients.

The finance group has been actively pursuing proposals for acquisition financing and refinancing debt. We believe we are poised and positioned to provide superior service to our clients, utilizing our experience to develop the highest level of responsiveness and reliability, with an ultimate goal of developing long-standing relationships with our clients.

We will endeavor to develop additional business lines to meet our client’s diverse needs as they arise.